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Practice Areas

We specialize in three practice areas: Business Law, Nonprofit Law, and Trademarks.

We believe predictable billing practices provide you with much-needed certainty in your budget. Our small business and trademark services are offered through monthly subscriptions and flat-fee (or fixed) prices. For most services, you will know the amount of your bill before we start. 

We are not a high-volume firm. We intentionally keep the number of clients we represent low so we can give you the personal attention you deserve. We are unique in the legal field for our cost-effective flat fees and subscriptions.

Explore our site to learn more about our services and contact us with your questions.

Cafe Owners


We help small businesses in Illinois and Missouri select and form their legal business entity. We continue to assist by maintaining the annual corporate records and acting as the registered agent. With advances in technology, we can assist with drafting documents and agreements for a reasonable flat fee. Before starting a business law matter, our clients know what to expect concerning billing to accomplish their unique objectives. During our initial consultation, our professional team will get to know your situation, goals, and expectations. From there, our team will develop a custom legal strategy for your individual situation. Finally, we discuss and agree to a flat fee structure for your matter without any billing surprises.


Most nonprofit founders start a nonprofit to help people. Although there are similarities between entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders, one of the differences is that most nonprofit founders don’t want to take on the administrative and legal headaches of setting it up and the continued operation of a nonprofit. 

Our services are designed to alleviate the administrative and legal burdens of setting up and maintaining a nonprofit. By partnering with us, you can redirect your energy towards your primary goal – making a difference in people's lives. 

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Failing to protect your intellectual property can dilute your brand identity and cost you money. Your protected intellectual property also adds value to your business should you decide to sell it.

A registered trademark is a legal right to the exclusive use of a word, phrase, symbol, design, or a distinctive combination of letters, or other design or symbol used by a business to identify its goods or services and distinguish them from other businesses.

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