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A Unique Way of Delivering Legal Services

We believe predictable billing practices provide you with much-needed certainty in your budget. Our small businesses and trademark services are offered through monthly subscriptions and flat-fee (or fixed) prices. For most services, you will know the amount of your bill before we start.


We provide access to affordable, quality, attorney-reviewed legal documents, bundled with legal advice, for a fixed price. We provide Illinois-specific forms for small businesses, including corporate formation documents, business agreements, trademark registration, and human resources/employment documents.

With available technology such as Teams (video), email, digital signatures, direct messaging, client portal, and more, we can "meet" and serve you wherever you are located. This allows us to save you valuable time and money.

We intentionally keep the number of clients we represent low so we can give you the personal attention you deserve. We are unique in the legal field for our cost-effective flat fees and subscriptions.

Location Independent Services

Flat-Fee Services


What is the SHIELD Protection Program?

Most small business disputes can be avoided with proactive legal advice. The SHIELD Protection Program is a unique legal subscription program for entrepreneurs who wish to proactively protect their business and provides affordable access to ongoing legal counsel.

The SHIELD provides small business owners with exceptional value and service through three plans - Protector, Sentinel, and Guardian. Members receive immediate access to their own portal where they can communicate directly with Legal Advocacy Headquarters. Members can book unlimited 15-minute telephone calls and emails with their lawyer. In addition, the Sentinel includes a 30-minute monthly strategy session, annual Registered Agent Services, Corporate Formalities and Annual Review Services, and a 10% discount on all legal fees. The Guardian includes the value of the Sentinel plan, plus two projects monthly, ranging from contract review and research to attorney-drafted letters, complimentary Electronic Signature Service, a 15% discount on all legal fees, and more. 


What are the advantages for business clients?

  • Fixed legal fees every month. You can consistently budget for your monthly legal fees without worrying about changes or surprises.

  • Tremendous value for your dollar. You will get significantly more legal services than if you purchased them separately, on a flat fee or hourly basis.

  • Receive “as needed” access to an experienced lawyer. This means that if you have a legal question, you can contact your lawyer either by phone or email to get it answered at no additional cost. Imagine having your own corporate lawyer on staff.

  • Confidence in a lawyer whose interests are aligned with those of your company.

  • Be able to honestly say, “Our attorney will handle this" and know exactly who to turn to with all your legal questions.

  • Save time, worry, and hassle by allowing us to take care of the legal stuff – you have a business to run that already takes more hours than you have in a day.


The SHIELD Protection Program is available to a limited number of clients at an affordable flat monthly rate. Ready to get started? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today!

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