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A Unique Way of Delivering Legal Services

We leverage technology to provide access to affordable, quality, attorney-reviewed legal documents, bundled with legal advice, for a fixed price. We provide Illinois-specific forms for small businesses, including corporate formation documents, business agreements, and human resources/employment documents.

With available technology such as video conferencing, email, digital signatures, direct messaging, client portal, and more, we can "meet" and serve you wherever you are located. 

We are not a high-volume firm. We intentionally keep the number of clients we represent low so we can give you the personal attention you deserve. We are unique in the legal field for our cost-effective flat fees and subscriptions.

Location Independent Services

Flat-Fee Services

Our Advantages

  • State-of-the Art Technology enables us to generate your documents more efficiently and cost-effectively 

  • Predictable fee structure gives you the comfort of knowing what a service or product will cost upfront. No hidden charges!

  • Attorney-reviewed documents ensures your legal documents are current and reflect your individual needs.

  • Convenient online services giving you the option of working with us virtually via email, phone, and Zoom. 

  • Flexibility through our subscription services to contact us as needed instead of being billed by the hour.  

  • 24/7 access to your legal documents and other resources through our secure client portal.  

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