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Business Law

If you are an entrepreneur with the dream of starting your own business, or have already started your own business, and haven't had the time or patience to learn about some of the important legal issues that can come up in your business, then we are your answer!

We help small businesses in Illinois and Missouri select and form their legal business entity. We continue to assist by maintaining the annual corporate records and acting as the registered agent. With advances in technology, we can assist with drafting documents and agreements for a reasonable flat fee. Before starting a business law matter, our clients know what to expect concerning billing to accomplish their unique objectives. During our initial consultation, our professional team will get to know your situation, goals, and expectations. From there, our team will develop a custom legal strategy for your individual situation. Finally, we discuss and agree to a flat fee structure for your matter without any billing surprises.

Unlike traditional law firms who bill by the hour, our flat fee structure allows us to focus on your unique situation while effectively resolving your business matters. Because we bill with a simple flat fee structure does not mean that we bargain with quality.  Business law matters are complex and require the expertise and experience required to produce results.

We also provide advice and counsel on an hourly basis for business matters that don’t fit with a flat fee arrangement.

In addition to our flat fees for most services, we also offer a subscription service that gives you the advantage of an outside, in-house counsel without the high cost of employing an attorney on staff. You pay a predictable monthly fee to access legal services. We offer three tiers of membership to provide service no matter what level your business is currently at.  You can learn more about our subscription services.

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